The curative process is a necessary step for a wide spectrum of land use projects.  In the modern age of land services, the keystone of many projects often sits in the company’s curative department.  Landmen are frequently slotted into specialized categories and specific disciplines. The best curative agents have broad based experience and are knowledgeable in all aspects of land, plus possess an understanding of typical operations as well.  A curative agent can spend their morning negotiating lease terms with a variety of un-leased landowners and then must transition seamlessly to drafting curative documents and researching heirs in a title chain in the afternoon.

Top tier curative agents have a specialty to
find potential problems and then quickly
deliver effective solutions.

Good abstracts and title opinions can reveal possible issues that could negatively affect reported ownership. A well-informed curative agent, with knowledge of a client’s intended use for the property, will rapidly identify potential problems and prioritize curative actions that protect the client and also save the project time and money.

Once the need for curative measures is identified, the next step is to correct the problems. Issues in a chain of title can be quite varied, so to be most effective, curative agents must possess a broad knowledge base, have a sizeable array of skills at their disposal, and be able to effectively explain title issues to management and landowners.

Problems can often be addressed in more than one way; leading curative agents have the expertise to deliver the most complete solution with the greatest chance for success. Skilled curative agents can think outside the box and find creative solutions to their client’s problems which may or may not be neatly outlined in an abstract of title or title opinion.

Knowledge and skill are both essential components for a curative agent in traditional title and leasing. However, equally important are the fundamental tools of effective time management and organization. The ability to simultaneously pursue solutions to multiple problems while accurately tracking and reporting curative progress is the key to any successful project.  Additionally, one of the most valuable traits a good curative agent can possess is the ability to recognize when to stop pursuing a particular problem.  An exceptional agent will recognize when continued efforts will go beyond diligent pursuit of a workable cost effective solution.

A land services company with a dedicated, highly experienced curative department can reduce the time and expense of projects involving land use.  And, at the same time, deliver work product that safeguards their client from risk and affords a smooth transition to the operational phase of a land project.

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