When it comes to transactions, Holland Services is the industry leader. When it’s time to do a deal, Holland Services offers a due diligence process that’s scalable and organized, while also incorporating customized solutions that fit your specific needs. You can trust Holland for the highest quality, timely, on-budget transactional services and documentation that help you turn real property into real assets.


Due diligence/
Asset solutions for buyers and sellers
VDR management
Land records digitizing

Our Experience.
Holland has worked land deals across America for more than 30 years, from the oil and gas industry to land transactions that pave the way for power plants, roads, wetlands projects and many others. We also have a deep understanding of what’s beneath the ground, and how that can impact your project. No transaction or project is too complex for our talented professionals.

Our Relationships and Match-Making Abilities.
With landmen strategically positioned in every major basin, Holland always has its ear to the ground. And with a depth of relationships, we are well-positioned to connect buyers and sellers and perform the critical due diligence needed for a successful deal.

Our Attention to Detail.
From our decades of deal experience, we’ve learned how to assemble and review pertinent land records, identify and cure title issues, digitize and virtually manage data, map proposed deal sites using the latest high-tech tools and identify obstacles before they become problematic. Our research is always thorough, discreet and timely, ensuring your deal gets done while avoiding surprises. It’s research and guidance you can believe in.

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