Holland Services’ GIS/mapping team boasts decades of experience. Combining our significant expertise in this area with aerial mapping and surveying services that use the latest geospatial technologies, we offer a superior solution, giving you greater clarity and a more cost-effective methodology for gathering design-level topographic information for planning and design. Our mapping and surveying team is deeply dedicated to helping you turn real property into real assets.


Leasehold Identification
Route Development
Interactive Mapping

Holland’s skilled GIS specialists are simply the best. The team consists of degreed professionals with specific oil & gas expertise, as well as right-of-way, seismic and site location experience. We also have expertise across multiple software platforms, including various database architectures ensuring the best fit with each client’s needs.

Our team uses all the latest technologies.

Our GIS department always uses the latest ESRI ArcGIS software platform and can produce shape files for countless layers of data and information for easy re-integration into your system.

By using all the best digital data resources and automated processes, we keep you up-to-date.

Our web mapping capabilities provide our clients with a real-time view of the latest maps related to each project. No specialized GIS software? No problem. Connecting to your maps is just a click away.

Our extensive data catalog and expertise with data manipulation and analysis keep you covered.

Holland owns data catalogs including virtually every play across America and, in some cases, entire states.

Unparalleled accuracy.

With our aerial mapping and surveying services we are able to provide our clients with high resolution imagery with accuracy up to 0.2″. This resolution is not available with NAIP imagery nor with Google Earth.

Significantly faster.

Since no property owner consent is necessary, acquiring real-time data is completed at a pace simply unrivaled by putting boots on the ground. And while some groundwork is necessary, Holland’s aerial mapping and surveying services can help you avoid costly delays by removing common obstacles that are outside of our client’s control.

Improving decision making by improving the quality of your data.

By integrating Holland’s advanced GIS/mapping services with our aerial mapping services, a more comprehensive picture emerges that will guide your project in the best direction possible.

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